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Show your prospects how they can save more money in taxes on their current income than it costs to join your business!

  • Change Your Prospects’ Feedback
  • Switch your prospects’ feedback from “I can’t afford it” to “I want in!” when they see the 7 tax-reduction, money-saving strategies on our professionally produced five minute online video.
  • Turn Business-Opportunity Skeptics into Loyal Team Members
  • Even those dream-stealing spouses will be impressed by how much more money the nine-to-five wage earners in the family will make. They’ll see results before they get their first direct-sales customer!
  • Legally Write Off Expenses
  • Show them how — by joining your organization — they can easily and legally write off as much as 100% of their medical bills, mileage, dining, entertainment, travel, vehicle costs, and home repairs and maintenance.
  • Show Tax Saving Potential
  • Watch your prospect’s excitement grow as they realize the money they’ve been leaving on the table for Uncle Sam will now be in their pockets — and it’s your business that will bring that flow of money back where it belongs!

Don’t take our word for it!


“Rhonda and Eric have taught me to stop pushing the product first, and instead start showing people how to keep more money they earn in their daily job and pay in taxes. Brilliant. I have gone from 12 people to 71 people in my organization in the last three weeks!”

- Sue P., Grand Rapids, MI

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