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“I have struggled with getting my girlfriends to join my NuSkin business, but after meeting Eric and Rhonda I realized it’s my friends’ husbands not letting them join because of the money it costs. I showed Eric and Rhonda’s Recruiting Video at a recent home party with my friends and their spouses and signed up 42 new people overnight! Thank you sooo much!”

- Pamela L., Los Angeles, CA


“Rhonda and Eric have taught me to stop pushing the product first, and instead start showing people how to keep more money they earn in their daily job and pay in taxes. Brilliant. I have gone from 12 people to 71 people in my organization in the last 3 weeks!”

- Sue P., Grand Rapids, MI


“I use your DVD every day, and have gone from 6 people to 37 in the last two weeks. You are changing my life!”

- Ron P., Boulder City, CO


“Thanks! 22 people to 68 people in one week”

- Casey A., Kansas City, KS


“I just wanted to say thank you to Rhonda and Eric. I am using your video daily and have gone from 6 people in my organization to 37 in the last 2 weeks. You are changing my life”

- Liz H., Colorado springs, CO


“Finally something I can do! Thank you!”

- Jason H., Spokane, WA


“If you haven’t seen Eric and Rhonda speak at an event, you are missing out. Eric is adorable and Rhonda is a tax savior. Thanks for helping me grow my business month over month.”

- Suzane L., Rochester, NY


“The most I have recruited into my business in one month is 7 people. I used Ignite your Recruiting DVDs to pass out to my family and friends during the holidays and I signed up 92 new people in my business in January 2010”

- Dave B., Miami, FL

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